Day 25: Sherlock Holmes vol. I

holmes I

Clocking in at 1059 pages, this was the biggest read of the year. Sorry, Murakami. It was my first time reading Sherlock Holmes. Oh sure, I’d seen a couple episodes and movies, but I never actually read the stories.

I learned that Sherlock Holmes did cocaine. They kind of gloss over that in the earlier films- especially the ones geared towards kids. I learned Dr. Watson got married.

The stories were good. Sometimes there was justice, sometimes there wasn’t. Sometimes everything was tied up in a neat little bow, other times everything was up in the air.

I liked it. Definitely worth the read, but I’m going to wait before tackling volume II.

Day 24: Autumn Bucket List #14: Bake a Batch of Pumpkin Muffins

I used this recipe and whipped up a dozen and a half last night


The recipe doesn’t call for butterscotch chips, but I throw in half a cup anyway. Maybe next time a whole cup. It’s been a while since I’ve made these


Sprinkle cinnamon on top right after pulling them out of the oven


I think I went overboard with the cinnamon.

Can you go overboard with cinnamon?


I guess you can


Day 23: Sunday Confessions: Tea

tea and biscuit

1) My favorite tea of all time is Earl Grey. Specifically the organic Lavender Earl Grey from the London Tea Room

earl grey

2) I do not like Chai tea. It’s too spicy

3) I love drinking jasmine tea after eating way too much food. It settles my stomach. You all will know what I’m doing after Thanksgiving

4) When reading classic literature, pair it with a black tea

5) I average about three or four cups a day

6) I collect tea tins. Not boxes- those get folded up and recycled- tins

7) I don’t always get to have little cakes with my tea, unless it’s something to do with the Royal Family. Usually those are in the form of Zebra Cakes or Swiss Rolls from Kara

8) One of my favorite lines from a book is from Dr. Zhivago. A train had stopped in the middle of the tracks, and a character whose name escapes me said, “Something must have happened. Let’s go have tea.” He just blows off the whole situation to go have tea. That’s my motto for life

9) I have two cast-iron tea pots, and one standard black kettle


Day 21: Friday Stats

I was all set to write another Five for Friday post when I realized that I was just too lazy. So I decided that I was just going to post a goofy Friday meme and have done with it. However just about every meme I could find about Friday was disgusting and offensive and seriously what the hell is wrong with people? This is why we can’t have nice things.

Instead I’m going to give you an update on my blog stats.

I’ve written over 275 blog posts, and I have 97 followers. 97 individual people who seem to like the meaningless dribble I spout out. It says right on my header that I’m going to bore you. But, maybe with all the serious stuff that’s happening all over the place people like to come here for stupid fluff that can distract them. Yeah, that’s it.

You’re welcome.