New Blog- 10 Things

This is my new blog. I figure I’ll tell you a few things about myself so you can decide if you want to stick around. In no particular order:

1) I had a writing blog previously, but that’s fallen by the wayside. Lack of inspiration.

2) I’m a feminist. Loud and proud. And I’m in good company:


3) I hate being first in line at a stoplight. Too much pressure. Especially if I’m knitting.

4) Everyone in my generation in my family is musical. Singing, guitar. Except me. I can’t carry a tune or play a note. But I’m dating a musician, so I think that balances things out.

5) I knit. Slowly, but surely. I’m doing my best and having fun with it. I’ve done Richie’s hat:Image

Richie’s scarf:


and my first pair of socks: Image

I’m in pretty good company with this, too.

6) I love scary movies and I love being scared. Of course, I’m such a weenie I usually end up scaring myself and need to sleep with the door open and the light on. I prefer the old films where everything was left to the imagination, but I like some of the modern stuff.

7) I have an intense sweet tooth and love to bake. Cupcakes and cakes (from the box), and homemade apple pie. And homemade ice cream. I’m not as good as Kara of the baked awesomeness, but I’d like to be. I’d love to make biscuits and bread and scones and such.

8) I have an awesome part time job with benefits and vacation time that allows me to knit and read in my spare time. I will not be blogging about this job because I would like to keep it.

9) I love to cuss. Fucking love it. Be warned.

10) Yes, I’m aware of how awesome my boyfriend is. No, you can’t have him. Yes, he’s aware of how awesome I am. I make sure to tell him everyday.

11) I love lists. A lot. And I love crossing things off lists. Lists are awesome. This list goes to eleven.

So, that’s a start. I hope you stick around. This may get more amusing. Or more crazy. Hell, maybe both. Just stick around. I’m still learning my way around WordPress, so forgive any mistakes. And a big thank you to Richie for taking the photos!


4 thoughts on “New Blog- 10 Things

  1. Mike says:

    Yeah okay I’ll stick around awhile.

  2. tempesttea says:

    My wife loves lists too. You too are like freaky in similiarities. Will make sure she knows about your blog.

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