Overland Park, KS

Greeting and salutations from Homer’s Coffeehouse in Overland Park, KS.  We arrived in Overland Park Friday night for a weekend trip to my mom’s. After we arrived and schlepped our stuff upstairs, we headed to Zarda for dinner.Yum, people. Then we headed back to home to visit and mellow out. Mom’s boyfriend Pete made me a huge ice cream sundae, and I crashed on the couch at 10:00.

On Saturday, Richie and I headed to the City Market, a huge combination farmers’ market and community yard sale:


These photos were taken inside the shopping center:

This is the entrance to Urban Trader, a gypsy bohemian paradise:

After walking our legs off there, we headed to the Kemper Art Museum. We were greeted by these fellows:


Richie and I can’t decide what this is. Rose? Candle?


And, just to make sure I don’t sleep tonight:


Check it out. Big Brother is watching you.


That’s the first part of our trip. I’ll post more when we get home.


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