Home again, home again.

We’re home now. We got home Monday. I didn’t write then because I was too damn tired, and yesterday was spent doing laundry and trying to figure out what to say.

I got nothin’.


When I left you, I was hanging out with Homer in his coffee house. After leaving, we headed to The Yarn Shop. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The shop was small, and could use some air conditioning. I pitched in, buying this for Kelly’s hat:

(It’s purple Kelly. Promise!)

Then I got this for Pete’s hat:


And this. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. But I had to have it.

There was another skein of deep, autumnal orange and brown that was calling my name. However, Richie is a meanie head and said I had enough yarn. :o( But, I do have a friend who spins and dyes her own yarn (for those of you curious what to buy me for birthday presents- big 3-0 this year!). Maybe, possibly, I can sweet talk her into dyeing something special for me. We all want me to have beautiful yarn, right? And we all want to help this friend pay her rent, right? Of course right. I forgot where I was going with this.
Anyway, after leaving the yarn store and briefly stopping in a bead store, we headed to Llywelyn’s Pub for a split appetizer of dragon wings.  This restaurant is in a converted church. The church of Celtic goodness!


Later in the evening, we had a barbecue at Mom and Pete’s. Their neighbor Lourdes came, and so did Pete’s kids. The food was excellent, Lourdes was such fun, and Richie played guitar. I was very proud of Mom for not crying when we left Monday morning. She’s grown up so. :o)


Now we’re home, and  have the rest of this week on vacation. Yesterday we stopped by the Science Center, and today was the Botanical Garden.

I know I’ve seen too much of the X-Files because I kept expecting one of these tendrils to reach out and grab me.

(Try sleeping tonight while thinking about that)

We wandered around part of the garden neither of us had been to. It was nice and quiet, and there was a residential space. Then we came upon the man himself.

Shaw is buried in there. Nice. A little ostentatious, but what do you expect from the Victorians? I love them so.

The boxwood garden was beautiful, as always.

The puddle jumpers were turned on,

which pleased Richie to no end.

After a quick jaunt to the woodland garden

and the Chinese garden


we came home. And that’s where I’m at,  right now. Debating on whether I want to shower and go to Knit Night, or be lazy and stay home.


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