“Oh look, there’s Waldo!”

No, really.

I found him last night at Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves. We were there for the new Westward Sons album release, Basement Sessions. The boys sold some albums, t-shirts, and of course put on a great show.

Everybody who was anybody was there: all the band girlfriends; Tim’s darling sister Beth and his brother Andy, both of whom I adore; Connie; Morgan; my best friend Kelly and her boyfriend Bill. There were a few who were missing, but they were in our hearts. Or something equally sappy.

Now, let me tell you about Joy.

Joy is Caleb’s girlfriend, and the most awesome person ever. Last night, she saved me from Creepy McScarington. Kelly and Bill had left, and Connie and Morgan had gone out for a smoke. I came back to the table, and noticed Creepy kind of waving at me. I had a ring on my left hand, and was trying to show it off, as a gigantic hint that “Hey, I’m taken, so stay the hell where you are!” To no avail. He came over, got really close, and was asking me why I was sitting at a table all alone. Luckily, Joy received my telepathic S.O.S (or saw the panicked look on my face, whichever you prefer) and came over. We introduced ourselves and Creepy hightailed it out of there. Thank you, Joy! So if you bump into her on the street, make sure to sing her praises. Because on top of rescuing me, she’s also a pretty cool lady. Lucky Caleb.


So, the night went well, and everybody’s happy. And for the occasion, I baked this little gem:

I was trying to match it up to the Westward Sons shirts:

Richie was happy with it, and since I made the cake for him, I’m happy. If it were for me, there would be swirlies on the side and a border. But I digress. If you would like an album, they cost $10. For a limited time, you not only get a cd, but a four gig jump drive. On the drive you get all of the songs that are on the cd (MP3 and also the wave,) and the artwork and the KDHX interview. But it’s only a limited time, so buy now!

(Did you imagine an annoying announcer voice in your head just then? Because that’s what I was going for.)


One thought on ““Oh look, there’s Waldo!”

  1. Laura Martin says:

    Love your blogs every time and of course nice cake!

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