Work Anniversary

On Monday, I celebrated five years at my current job. It’s the second job I’ve ever had for five years.The first was Hallmark. I had an anniversary lunch on Wednesday. When I got back, I received this.

For my five year anniversary gift, I picked out a blue iPod Nano. I named it Little Betsy Blue. I’ve never had an iPod before. I can’t believe how teeny it is. Richie wanted me to get the Coleman camping tent.

Me: We don’t camp.

Richie: That’s because we don’t have any gear. If we did, then we’d camp.

If I’m still there in five more years, and the tent is still there, I’ll get the tent.

I also got a little acrylic block with service certificate for five years. It’s nice being appreciated.


Birthday Plans (In Progress)

As of today, there are three months until my birthday.  I will be dirty thirty. I had some ideas of how to celebrate. Now I think those ideas are a-changin’.

First, it was going to be a pajama party. I even have friends who have footie pajamas. Then I realized my birthday is at the end of December, right in the middle of winter. I do not want my guests to freeze to death. Unless Richie’s annoying me. Then him. Totally.

Then I was going to have a topsy turvy cake. I don’t have enough time to practice topsy turvy cakes, and fondant is expensive. Although Kara is awesome and sent me a link to homemade fondant. And I just saw some cheap baking pans at Walgreens today. I probably don’t want cheap pans, do I?

I’ve been thinking about just doing what I did last year. I had a tea party. It was successful. I think. Only four other people showed up. My best friend Sara and her husband Nick, and my best friend Kelly and her ex-boyfriend Adam. Because my birthday is three days after Christmas, I’ve always been used to small crowds. It never bothered me because the most important people always show up.

What do you think?

Dream a Little Dream

Richie’s home. Yay! I didn’t starve to death. Double yay!


I tend to have weird dreams that come out of nowhere. Like being pregnant with triplets and not showing at nine months, pulling vines out of my arms. When I dream about work, it’s time for a vacation.

While Richie was gone, I had two dreams about this guy:

Which is odd for two reasons. First, because I haven’t seen True Blood since season three. (I know. It’s in my NetFlix queue. Shut up.)

Second, because I usually dream about this guy:


I’m not sure what the change means, but I will discover it. Don’t you worry about that. I’m sure it will be a fun process :o)


No, this blog doesn’t have a point. Do you need it to? Because if you need blogs to have a point, you are totally in the wrong place.


And for what it’s worth, this is my favorite character:

“Blah blah vampire emergency blah.”

Chili Willy Fulfill Me!

Creature of the Night! (I’ll explain later.)

Today I was going to write about Left Bank Books. But no. Today I had to learn how to make chili.

Then of course I had to blog about it.

Richie is going out of town tomorrow, and he wants to make sure I’m not going to starve while he’s gone. I don’t really like to cook, so his fears are not unfounded. When he was planning this trip, he promised he would make me a bunch of food so that I wouldn’t have to cook.

Let’s hope he doesn’t eat all of the chili before he leaves.

Start off with this:


Put this in a separate pot:


Mix it all up:


Add spices and let it sit for at least 45 minutes (or until hungry):



The name of this blog comes from my friend Missy. When she still lived in St. Louis, she went to see Rocky Horror at the Tivoli. Apparently during the Creature of the Night song, someone yelled out, “Chili willy fulfill me!”


A Return

I’m back. Yay! I’m still a little stuffy and mucousy, but I have more energy. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve read and watched tv, all those thing which require minimum energy. Work, sure, but that’s because I have to. I haven’t even been knitting much. Richie’s been after me to write a new post, but I haven’t really been in the mood. So what happened in this post is old news, but I’ll try to be more vigilant.

No promises.

Anyways, before I got sick, Richie’s mom Marcy, sister Marisa, and niece Jastyn stopped over for a visit. Marci was on her way to Peoria. Marisa drove her as far as St. Louis, and Marci’s brother-in-law came to pick her up and take her back to Peoria.

Got all that?

Jastyn, who is five, was fascinated by the snakes. We got Lillith out, but Jastyn was a little scared of her.  I held Lillith so Jastyn could pet her.

She asked Richie twenty questions, and Richie happily answered, because once he gets going about his snakes, he doesn’t shut up.

No, that isn’t a metaphor.

After a while, it was Jastyn’s turn to hold Lillith.

The child is fearless. And five.  Five.

Clutch was too big for her to hold, so Richie held him while Jastyn pet him. There are no photos of that because it’s not as fun.



You guys, I’m sick.

I took a sick day yesterday. A sick day. I haven’t taken one since 2010. And that was only for emergency surgery. And I had to go to the doctor. Just a standard sore throat, which is rather disappointing for feeling like I got run over by a truck. My throat has that burning feeling you get when you are dehydrated. And today I have a stuffy nose. But, the good doctor gave me cough syrup with codeine. It made me do this.

Last night, I watched The Bad Seed, at my co-worker’s suggestion. Have you seen this movie?

This is why we should hate kids.

This movie is fucked up. Especially when one is looped on codeine. Scary movies are no good while on codeine. Especially scary movies with creepy kids.

Cigars and Jewelry?

“Gigi, you are from another planet. Now get on with your work.” ~Aunt Alicia, Gigi


No courtesans in training or cigars here. But jewelry- yes. Homemade, to be exact. I began this necklace a while ago, but hit a speed bump. I threw the necklace in my jewelry supply bag and pouted for a few months.

Until tonight! Richie to the rescue again. I already had the beads situated the way I wanted, but I couldn’t get the clasp from sliding over the crimp beads and off the necklace all together. Richie showed me how to do a fisherman’s knot, and I got that pesky clasp to stick. Take that!


Here’s that stingy clasp.


Why yes, I do have an outfit picked out to go with the necklace. And yes, I am wearing it tomorrow. How’d you know?