Cigars and Jewelry?

“Gigi, you are from another planet. Now get on with your work.” ~Aunt Alicia, Gigi


No courtesans in training or cigars here. But jewelry- yes. Homemade, to be exact. I began this necklace a while ago, but hit a speed bump. I threw the necklace in my jewelry supply bag and pouted for a few months.

Until tonight! Richie to the rescue again. I already had the beads situated the way I wanted, but I couldn’t get the clasp from sliding over the crimp beads and off the necklace all together. Richie showed me how to do a fisherman’s knot, and I got that pesky clasp to stick. Take that!


Here’s that stingy clasp.


Why yes, I do have an outfit picked out to go with the necklace. And yes, I am wearing it tomorrow. How’d you know?


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