You guys, I’m sick.

I took a sick day yesterday. A sick day. I haven’t taken one since 2010. And that was only for emergency surgery. And I had to go to the doctor. Just a standard sore throat, which is rather disappointing for feeling like I got run over by a truck. My throat has that burning feeling you get when you are dehydrated. And today I have a stuffy nose. But, the good doctor gave me cough syrup with codeine. It made me do this.

Last night, I watched The Bad Seed, at my co-worker’s suggestion. Have you seen this movie?

This is why we should hate kids.

This movie is fucked up. Especially when one is looped on codeine. Scary movies are no good while on codeine. Especially scary movies with creepy kids.


One thought on “Illin’

  1. tempesttea says:

    Stay away from magic markers. I discovered the hard way codeine and markers do not mix.

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