A Return

I’m back. Yay! I’m still a little stuffy and mucousy, but I have more energy. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve read and watched tv, all those thing which require minimum energy. Work, sure, but that’s because I have to. I haven’t even been knitting much. Richie’s been after me to write a new post, but I haven’t really been in the mood. So what happened in this post is old news, but I’ll try to be more vigilant.

No promises.

Anyways, before I got sick, Richie’s mom Marcy, sister Marisa, and niece Jastyn stopped over for a visit. Marci was on her way to Peoria. Marisa drove her as far as St. Louis, and Marci’s brother-in-law came to pick her up and take her back to Peoria.

Got all that?

Jastyn, who is five, was fascinated by the snakes. We got Lillith out, but Jastyn was a little scared of her.  I held Lillith so Jastyn could pet her.

She asked Richie twenty questions, and Richie happily answered, because once he gets going about his snakes, he doesn’t shut up.

No, that isn’t a metaphor.

After a while, it was Jastyn’s turn to hold Lillith.

The child is fearless. And five.  Five.

Clutch was too big for her to hold, so Richie held him while Jastyn pet him. There are no photos of that because it’s not as fun.



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