Dream a Little Dream

Richie’s home. Yay! I didn’t starve to death. Double yay!


I tend to have weird dreams that come out of nowhere. Like being pregnant with triplets and not showing at nine months, pulling vines out of my arms. When I dream about work, it’s time for a vacation.

While Richie was gone, I had two dreams about this guy:

Which is odd for two reasons. First, because I haven’t seen True Blood since season three. (I know. It’s in my NetFlix queue. Shut up.)

Second, because I usually dream about this guy:


I’m not sure what the change means, but I will discover it. Don’t you worry about that. I’m sure it will be a fun process :o)


No, this blog doesn’t have a point. Do you need it to? Because if you need blogs to have a point, you are totally in the wrong place.


And for what it’s worth, this is my favorite character:

“Blah blah vampire emergency blah.”


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