Birthday Plans (In Progress)

As of today, there are three months until my birthday.  I will be dirty thirty. I had some ideas of how to celebrate. Now I think those ideas are a-changin’.

First, it was going to be a pajama party. I even have friends who have footie pajamas. Then I realized my birthday is at the end of December, right in the middle of winter. I do not want my guests to freeze to death. Unless Richie’s annoying me. Then him. Totally.

Then I was going to have a topsy turvy cake. I don’t have enough time to practice topsy turvy cakes, and fondant is expensive. Although Kara is awesome and sent me a link to homemade fondant. And I just saw some cheap baking pans at Walgreens today. I probably don’t want cheap pans, do I?

I’ve been thinking about just doing what I did last year. I had a tea party. It was successful. I think. Only four other people showed up. My best friend Sara and her husband Nick, and my best friend Kelly and her ex-boyfriend Adam. Because my birthday is three days after Christmas, I’ve always been used to small crowds. It never bothered me because the most important people always show up.

What do you think?


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