“At this place, they just give you stacks of plates”

There was a quip about napkins, but I can’t remember what it was.

Saturday was the Westward Sons CD release party for Basement Sessions 2 at CJ Muggs. No one wore costumes after all, although Kelly did wear cat ears and looked adorable.


As usual with Westward Sons shows, the food was great and the music was even better.

The crowd was really into the music, and even sang along to a few songs.

You know that book The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and how Charlie talks about being infinite? (if you have no idea, I feel sorry for you. That’s a great book.) Well, at one point, everyone in the bar was singing along to “Last Kiss”, and that’s how I felt. That we were infinite.

The guys sold a few CDs and some shirts and it was successful. You can’t really go wrong with good food, good music, and good friends.


Hope to see you at the next one!

Rachel, hope you’re feeling better! We missed you!

Happy birthday, Tim.



CD Release Costume Party

Next Saturday, October 27, Westward Sons will be hosting a CD release party for Basement Sessions II at CJ Muggs in Webster Groves from 9pm – 1pm.

It’s a costume party, in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

When Richie first told me it was going to be a costume party, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I can’t afford a store costume, and I was all out of DIY ideas. Because Richie is the best boyfriend ever, he said I didn’t have to wear a costume if I didn’t want to.

Then my brain went into overdrive that night. It must have remembered Halloween is my favorite holiday, because it gave me tons of ideas:

Blue dress + devil horns = Devil in a blue dress

Red dress + devil horns = Devil

Black shirt and black pants (or dark Jeans) + cat ears + eyeliner whiskers = Cat

Black shirt and black pants (or black dress) + black wings = Fallen Angel or Dark Angel

White Dress or White top and White pants (or white skirt)  + white wings = Angel

I’ll probably do the cat. I have everything but the ears, and I can get those for five bucks. Either Angel is appealing, but I can’t find wings for under fourteen dollars, and that’s just too damn expensive. Yay DIY and warmth!

Pan’s Labyrinth

Me: Let’s drink gin and soda and watch Pan’s Labyrinth!

Richie: Sure. What could possibly go wrong there?


So far, nothing. I haven’t been to bed yet, so I can’t answer for any dreams. But the movie was beautiful and incredible and Guillermo del Toro is such a brilliant filmmaker. (Hello Devil’s Backbone!) I wonder if he’s related to Benicio del Toro. If he is, that’s a lot of talent in that family. I wasn’t creeped out by this movie at all. I fell in love with Ofelia and Mercedes and wanted to shoot the captain. The ending made me tear up, because apparently two gin and Sprites makes me weepy.


Anyway,  you need to see Pan’s Labyrinth and the Devil’s Backbone if you haven’t already. They are just wonderful movies. They’re Spanish, and I don’t know about you, but I always feel smarter when I watch a movie with subtitles. (You do too, admit it!)


Sorry for any typos- two gin and Sprites.

I’m a Jerk

So, my cousin Henry is getting ready to turn eight. At one point in his young life, he had leukemia. (No, has. Wait, had. Fuck.) Every year, the family does a Light the Night Walk to Cure Cancer. About a month or so ago, Emilie (Henry’s mom) sent out an email to collect donations. I hate sending checks because they take forever to clear, so I was going to send cash.


I’m an asshole.

Em, please do not tell Henry how awful I am, because Grady hates me, so Henry is my only buddy.

I don’t think there are enough apologies in the world for not donating to a cause that fights a disease your own young cousin has-or-had-and-you-are-too-dumb-to-live-because-you-don’t-even-know-for-sure.

If you would like to show me up and let everyone know how much you are not an asshole, please make a donation. Every little bit helps.

I Love Halloween

Unfortunately, I don’t make enough money to celebrate it the way I would like to. But, I usually luck out with decor at GoodWill or dollar stores. And my costumes are usually homemade. I’m to the point now where I could care less about being sexy. If I know I’m going out, I’d rather be warm.

Tonight, at the dollar store, I found Jeffrey.

He’s the one on top of the painting. His tag said he was a crow, but you can’t pair a crow with Edgar Allen Poe. It’s just not done. So, he got upgraded to raven.

“Think raven.”

We had to name him Jeffrey because obviously we already have an Edgar. If we had two Edgars it would just be too confusing. And there would be no Edgar I and Edgar II, or Eddie, or anything dumb like that. His name is Jeffrey.

I also scored some Halloween pencils- school and office supplies are another love of mine. Last year, we bought two garlands of skeletons. They each guard a door. The white ones guard the back door:

And the black skeletons guard the front. One little guy lost his head in the door.

Poor thing.

Anyways, Jeffrey will be up there all year ’round. Just like the skeletons are. Hopefully we’ll hit up some craft stores next, and see if we can find some cheap goodies there. JoAnn’s sent me a Halloween catalog today, just to taunt me. Bitch.