Day 30: Conclusion

Here we are. The end of NaBloPoMo.


I can’t believe I did it. I didn’t think I would have enough talk about. And I can’t believe you guys stuck around to listen to me. Wow. That’s pretty impressive. And, I have over 700 views since I first started this thing back in August.

Wow. Again.

When I first started, I didn’t think I’d have 30 days’ worth of material to blog about. But, then I started making a list, and the list grew, and now here I am.

I also have a book about blog ideas that I got from Kara.

I guess I’ll keep blogging about my knitting and food and books. You seem to be interested. But it’s hard to tell, as most of you don’t say much. Then again, this is my blog, so I’m going to talk about whatever the hell I want. Which was kind of the point, anyway.  Nice arrangement for a control freak, wouldn’t you say?


Day 29: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

This was quite the heavy tome, at 532 pages.

This book is the fictionalized account of the life of Thomas Cromwell, a man of low birth who rose rapidly to become one of Henry VIII’s most trusted advisers. Cromwell helped Henry win his annulment from Katherine of Aragon so that Henry could marry Anne Boleyn. Henry, Katherine, and Anne are all secondary characters. The novel focuses on Cromwell in his private and public life, his family, his victories, and his enemies. He made many on the way up.

This book was the November selection for my Twitter book club. It was difficult for me to get going, because nothing happened at first. Thanks to the support of my fellow #1book140 bookies, I was able to get through it. I’m glad I did, because it only got better.

I’m excited for the sequel, Bring Up the Bodies. I’ve always hated Anne Boleyn, and I look forward to her downfall with glee. Because this is high school, and we are all mean girls.

Day 28: Birthday Countdown

One month from today, I will be turning 30.

And, of course, I still have nothing big planned. Shouldn’t I have a huge party, with a tiara and a sash and tons of people?

I mentioned in a post a few months ago that I’ll probably just have a quiet birthday party like I did last year. Tons of people never show up anyway- too close to Christmas. And with things as tight as they are, I feel bad having people shell out for a big night out. (Presents are not required, people!)

So, it’s decided- I’ll stay home, drink tea, and entertain whomever (whoever?) is able to show up. Maybe I’ll bake cupcakes and brownies like I did last year. Maybe even cookies. And little finger foods to go with the tea, of course. Last year it was cheese, crackers, tomato and cream cheese sandwiches, and veggies. Livin’ large, that’s me.

Maybe I’ll have alcohol, since 30 is a big one.

Day 27: What Happens at Book Club Stays at Book Club

Unless you are part of the Twitter book club #1book140 – then everyone who follows that hash tag (or your profile) can see what you think on any certain book.

I am now part of two book clubs. The aforementioned Twitter book club, which I’ve been part of since at least last year. We nominate books (sometimes there’s a theme: Halloween, beach, nonfiction) and then we vote on the next month’s selection. We communicate via hash tag, #1book140. There are also splinter groups – readers who don’t want to read what was picked by the majority for whatever reason, can read the other books and have conversations of their own.

I also have an in-person book club, consisting mainly of fellow knitters, but some non-knitters as well. We just had our first meeting on Sunday, so who knows how it will change. I think we are going in alphabetical order for book selection.

For those who know me, I love to read. I live to read. And when I find out that you’ve read a book that I’ve also read, I will sink my hooks into you and never let go. I will talk your ear off about this book. So I am very thankful to have these two book clubs. Next year will prove interesting because I have decided that for all of next year, I will only be reading books by female authors. Hopefully my in-person book club will still allow me to attend meetings. I don’t mind spoilers, and I love the company.

Day 26: Cowl

I finished my first ever cowl last Tuesday. Yay! I made it out of the leftover skein I bought on my trip to Overland Park, KS this summer. Ann told me to get some size 8 needles, cast on 100 stitches, knit to the last 3 yards, then bind off. It goes well with a lot of my clothes, and I got a bunch of compliments at Knit Night on Wednesday.

This is what it looks like when your boyfriend forces you on an impromptu nature hike/cold-weather-survival training hike:

I look like a terrorist. Super.

Day 25: Collages

One day a couple of months ago,  I came home from work and found these hanging on the wall in the office:

Richie had watched a TED Talk about collages, so he broke out his old copy of Grey’s Anatomy and made some. They hang next to Edgar and Jeffrey, and they talk to each other in the night.

You know that’s true.

Today we decided to make more collages.

I made a dream house collage.

We hung it in the bedroom for two reasons. One, we have no art there. Two, what better way to keep your dream house in your dreams than to hang it right above your bed?

Then I made my own Grey’s Anatomy collage:

I won’t be able to frame this one because we ran out of frames. Good thing there’s the dollar store.

Here’s Richie’s:

Then his three with Edgar and Jeffrey:

Day 24: Blind Faith by Joe McGinniss

This is the true crime novel about Robert Marshall, who was accused of having his wife Maria killed.

I stayed up late Monday night reading it. It was better than I expected, when I first started reading. Joe McGinniss is no Dominick Dunne, but he’s a good writer.

I felt bad for the sons in the middle of the mess, of course. And I can’t believe Robert Marshall actually believed anyone would buy his story.