Day 3: Halloween Recap

My Halloween was everything I wanted it to be. It definitely helped being on vacation. Not having to go to work always makes any day better.

We spent the day watching American Horror Story. (We’re just starting.) Then we tried on a bunch of each other’s hats because we’re twelve.  At 5:30, there was a Halloween Parade and Party in Lafayette Park that we went to check out.

Turns out this was a kid-centric event.

But, that’s okay, because we saw tons of great costumes and I took a bunch of photos.

Here’s photographic proof that ghosts exist:


Here’s a Star Wars family:

Aren’t R2-D2 and Darth Vader mortal enemies? I haven’t seen enough of Star Wars to know. (or care)


I’m not sure what this is, but you’ll be seeing it in your dreams tonight. You’re welcome.


And, of course, the dogs always have the best costumes:

“Just take your photo, and leave me to my misery, okay? Just leave me!”
What? You know he was thinking that.


Then we stopped by Knit Night for a few minutes, to see Mindy’s new daughter (who is just too cute for words), and Rachel loaned me a book about North Korea that promises to depress me. Which is just what I need in bleak November.

But the most important part of that story is that I got Richie to go to Knit Night. I’m good.


We stopped at Schnucks on the way home for more Halloween candy, because with me in the house there was no way it would last until Halloween. We watched scary movies for the rest of the night.

We started watching The Mummy, then I fell asleep. Sorry, Boris.


How was your Halloween?


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