Day 4: Day at the Zoo

The St. Louis zoo,  to be exact. The largest free zoo in the nation.  Today we saw part of the zoo Richie had never seen before: River’s Edge.


First up, the capybara. A guinea pig so large, even Richie’s python couldn’t swallow it:


Pull! Pull those leaves off to nom! (I don’t know- you come up with something clever)


We are not sure what this plant is, but it looks really cool.


These were the first hippos Richie had ever seen. There was a family of four. Or maybe just four roommates who hate each other. We’ll never know.


This hyena was rolling around on a pumpkin. I mean, getting into it.

“It’s pumpkin spice cologne. For da ladeez.”

Sure it is.


These elephants look like people.


Baby love:


Elephant butt, because I’m twelve.


Someone needs a manicure:


And penguins and puffins galore:

These two just don’t care about your shit:


This day brought to you by the St. Louis Zoo.


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