Day 11: Veterans Day

How do you begin to thank thousands of soldiers, whom you don’t even know, for putting their lives on the line for you? Whether they agree with the orders or not, they trudge out there, doing the best they can while being away from their own families.

My uncle was a Marine (well, once a Marine, always a Marine); my best friend Sara is married to a man named Nick, also a former Marine. Now he’s Air Force; my friend Obby (Rob) was in the Navy; my friend Chris was in the Army; and my Richie was in the Army.

I don’t know how to eloquently thank them and all of the others who so selflessly do what not many others are lining up to do. So, if you are or were a member of the military and are reading this, thank you thank you thank you so much.


One thought on “Day 11: Veterans Day

  1. Aforementioned Friend Chris says:

    you’re welcome

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