Day 17: Here, Fishy Fishy Fishy!

So, you already know my pet situation. We can’t have cats because Richie is allergic. If we get a dog, there’s that pesky pet rent. We have snakes instead. Well, Richie has snakes. For a while now, I’ve been wanting a pet of my own. After enough badgering, Richie finally agreed to help me get a fish.

But not just any fish. That’s right, I’ve got my eye on

Pet Connection has sharks. How awesome great is that? Not quite of this proportion, but I have hopes. Because Rachel is awesome, she said I can have a tank of hers. (if she still has it) All we would need to buy is the shark, a filter, and food.

I’m excited.

It will need a name. Rachel already took the coolest name for her fish, Sid Fishous. We need something cool, but not as old-fashioned as Jaws. Thoughts?


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