Day 20: Scary Movies

What is it about scary movies? Why do we love them so? Why do we love getting scared?

Is it the adrenaline rush? Is it knowing that, no matter what happens, we’re safe in the theater or safe at home? That chainsaw wielding nut job can’t get us.

What makes a scary movie so good that it stays with you? It’s always in the back of your mind. Sometimes always in the front. You jump at every sound. When you enter a room, you stay just on the outside and stretch your arm in to turn on the light. You look over your shoulder or open your eyes, just knowing something will be there.

What is it about a scary movie that makes you sleep on the couch with all the lights on, waiting for your boyfriend to come home? What makes you wonder what the hell you’re going to do the next time he goes out of town and you’re all alone?

Any armchair psychiatrists in the room? How about any real ones? Are scary movies just that scary? Or are they preying on fears and anxieties we already have?


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