Day 23: Step Off, Christmas

I love Christmas. I really do. My Halloween board on Pinterest may have more pins than my Christmas board, but I still love me some Christmas.


Shit is getting out of hand.

Before Thanksgiving, two radio stations were playing Christmas music. Before Thanksgiving.

If there is a war on Christmas, it’s because Christmas started it. It already took over Thanksgiving and is looking to invade Halloween.

Pull back, people.

As we all know, some stores opened their doors really early this year. 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving early. Now, the people waiting in line don’t seem to have a problem having Thanksgiving dinner on a WalMart sidewalk. But I’m betting the employees would much rather be at home.

And, if you are camping out to buy things on sale for Christmas, aren’t you missing the point of the holiday?

Maybe it’s because I worked six years for greeting card companies. They start selling ornaments in June. Because collectors are insane. Some came out in June, some came out in October, the rest came out in December. We had to put Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.And don’t forget the constant stream of Christmas music.

Pushing all of the holiday product out ruined the season for me. I’m still trying to get that feeling back. I avoid all things Christmas until December 1st. That’s when the decorations come out and the tree goes up. Then it all comes down January 1st. And I refuse to bow to corporate lull of Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve.

P.S. Have fun with that Mariah Carey song in your head.


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