Day 27: What Happens at Book Club Stays at Book Club

Unless you are part of the Twitter book club #1book140 – then everyone who follows that hash tag (or your profile) can see what you think on any certain book.

I am now part of two book clubs. The aforementioned Twitter book club, which I’ve been part of since at least last year. We nominate books (sometimes there’s a theme: Halloween, beach, nonfiction) and then we vote on the next month’s selection. We communicate via hash tag, #1book140. There are also splinter groups – readers who don’t want to read what was picked by the majority for whatever reason, can read the other books and have conversations of their own.

I also have an in-person book club, consisting mainly of fellow knitters, but some non-knitters as well. We just had our first meeting on Sunday, so who knows how it will change. I think we are going in alphabetical order for book selection.

For those who know me, I love to read. I live to read. And when I find out that you’ve read a book that I’ve also read, I will sink my hooks into you and never let go. I will talk your ear off about this book. So I am very thankful to have these two book clubs. Next year will prove interesting because I have decided that for all of next year, I will only be reading books by female authors. Hopefully my in-person book club will still allow me to attend meetings. I don’t mind spoilers, and I love the company.


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