Day 28: Birthday Countdown

One month from today, I will be turning 30.

And, of course, I still have nothing big planned. Shouldn’t I have a huge party, with a tiara and a sash and tons of people?

I mentioned in a post a few months ago that I’ll probably just have a quiet birthday party like I did last year. Tons of people never show up anyway- too close to Christmas. And with things as tight as they are, I feel bad having people shell out for a big night out. (Presents are not required, people!)

So, it’s decided- I’ll stay home, drink tea, and entertain whomever (whoever?) is able to show up. Maybe I’ll bake cupcakes and brownies like I did last year. Maybe even cookies. And little finger foods to go with the tea, of course. Last year it was cheese, crackers, tomato and cream cheese sandwiches, and veggies. Livin’ large, that’s me.

Maybe I’ll have alcohol, since 30 is a big one.


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