Day 29: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

This was quite the heavy tome, at 532 pages.

This book is the fictionalized account of the life of Thomas Cromwell, a man of low birth who rose rapidly to become one of Henry VIII’s most trusted advisers. Cromwell helped Henry win his annulment from Katherine of Aragon so that Henry could marry Anne Boleyn. Henry, Katherine, and Anne are all secondary characters. The novel focuses on Cromwell in his private and public life, his family, his victories, and his enemies. He made many on the way up.

This book was the November selection for my Twitter book club. It was difficult for me to get going, because nothing happened at first. Thanks to the support of my fellow #1book140 bookies, I was able to get through it. I’m glad I did, because it only got better.

I’m excited for the sequel, Bring Up the Bodies. I’ve always hated Anne Boleyn, and I look forward to her downfall with glee. Because this is high school, and we are all mean girls.


2 thoughts on “Day 29: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

  1. tempesttea says:

    Anne would have eaten you for breakfast. Find her to be one of the most interesting women in English history, trumped only by her daughter, Elizabeth.

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