So, I planned on writing a second Christmas blog, but then today happened. I’m tired, stressed, and not up to writing a long post.


How was your day?


Sons of Heaven: The Haunted by Thomas Harwick

This book was a Christmas present from Margaret, one of my knitting friends. (Hey Margaret!) This book was written by her nephew for NaNoWriMo. For those not familiar with that, the goal is to write a 50,00 word novel in November. This man wrote a novel in 30 days. No, I’m not jealous. (yes I am)

Sons of Heaven


I read this book on December 21st- what better book for the end of the world than a dystopian novel about zombies? I ask you. I had a hard time kind of figuring out how the zombie virus was spread, exactly. See, these zombies aren’t like your run-of-the-mill movie zombies. You don’t turn from a bite. Everyone is infected already, and some just turn faster than others. These zombies are stronger, faster, and self-healing. We meet Isaac after a traumatic event, and follow him as he makes his way in this new world in search of answers. You can find the author here. And here.

I really liked this book a lot, and I feel honored that Margaret would choose me as an early reader of this novel. I’m definitely going to hang onto it for when he becomes famous.

“I know his Aunt Margaret. She gave me one of the first copies of his first novel.”

“Sure, Grandma. Whatever you say.”

“I’m saying the truth, ya little shit.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have gradnkids.

Christmas at Home

Last week:

Richie: Since I’m going out of town for Christmas, me you and Lauren are having Christmas on the 22nd.

Me: Okay.

Richie: You have to spend the whole day with us, and you have to be nice.

Me: Fuck.

Here’s our tree:


And the stockings:


We don’t really go all out with the decorating (budget), so we just scatter small things around.

If you’re decorating on a budget, here are a couple of ideas.

We tape all of our Christmas cards to the front door.


And I scored a holiday bowl a few years ago


We take ornaments without hooks (I’m sure you have a few) and group them in the bowl.


It’s cheap, and puts those hook-less ornaments to work. We have two Santa bowls of ornaments- one in the living room, and one in the kitchen.

Richie’s daughter is heavy into Korea at the moment, so she got a Korean tourist book, and a couple pairs of beautiful ceramic chopsticks. (I keep telling her to learn Chinese so that we can be prepared when they get here. Never listens.)

I got a beautiful tea tin of Earl Grey tea.



I love Earl Grey tea. It’s my favorite tea. I actually just found out today that it’s an actual person. Every time we go to Jay’s International Food, I get caught up in the tea aisle, admiring all the tea tins (there are some really beautiful ones).

Richie also bought me my own tea pot.


It’s cast iron bamboo. He put it in a headphones box, and I actually thought I was getting headphones, because I am too dumb to live.

Richie: Put them on, I want to take a photo.

Me: Damn these are heavy- oh, it’s a tea pot!

(much better)

Next came the board games: Mental Floss; Candy Land; Yahtzee.

And the food! Cocoa with candy canes; holiday Oreos; cherry sours; chicken dinner with gravy, corn on the cob, green beans, and croissants. So full.

Next came tv: Christmas episodes of Futurama and King of the Hill. Kung Fu Panda: Holiday, the Office, and Bob’s Burgers round out the watching.

Richie’s super perfect Christmas has turned out to be super perfect. Yay. And now he’s making a snack tray. Great- more food.


As far as I know, we all made it through the end of the world. Right?


How did you spend your Doomsday? I worked. The last payday before Christmas. I wish it had been the end.

end of the world

What are you doing tonight? I told Richie he has to stay home. End of the world time is family time.


Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra

I have been back and forth about posting this review. It’s a good book, but it’s dark, and violent. And I’m just not sure if it’s want people to read about right now. So, here’s your warning, I guess.


This book is presented as fact, but according to Wikipedia, no evidence can be found to prove it. So, I guess it’s fiction.  The story concerns four boys: John, Tommy, Michael, and the narrator, Shakes. They are best friends, growing up in Hell’s Kitchen in the 60s. Life at home is hard, so they pull pranks and get into trouble (like boys do). Then one prank goes horribly wrong, and they are sent away. That’s part one.

Part two finds the boys at a home for boys in Upstate New York. They try to stick together and help each other out, but it’s miserable. As a juvenile hall would be. There’s abuse- mental, physical, and sexual. (I warned you.) I had to skip a bunch of stuff in this section.

Part three, and the boys are all grown up. Two are on trial. It’s up to the other two to rescue them.

Like I said, this is a very good book, but it’s dark. Dark. This book will drag you down into a deep dark twisted place and punch your soul in the nuts.

Dear Newtown, Connecticut

Today we all learned of a horrendous tragedy that has shaken your town. Today we lost 27 good people, small and big.

There are no words to express the grief, pain, and outrage we feel on your behalf.

I can’t imagine the grief the families are feeling right now- the grief of those who lost family members ten days before Christmas, and the grief of those who managed to survive.

I don’t know why this happened. (I know there is speculation) Perhaps I’ll never know. But Newtown, we are all right here with you. You are forever in our hearts. We will never forget you.


Yarn Swap

Tonight my Wednesday night Knitorious knit group met for a pot luck and yarn swap. It was my first yarn swap, so I wasn’t really sure what the rules were. No one did, really.

The food was fantastic: seven layer dip, Oreos, hummus, cheesecake, quiche, yum. I’m so full.

Then, the yarn. I got rid of all of my yarn (sorry, Mom), and got all new yarn. I got better yarn. (We weren’t able to keep our own yarn.)



Do you see what I see? Something for Richie; something for Sara; something for Kelly; Catherine; Emilie; Chelsea; Marisa, and I don’t know what all else. I’m not even entirely sure what I’m going to make out of all of it.

But the best thing? The best thing I got was this:


A drop spindle from Rachel. And? Fiber from Ann:



I can finally learn to spin!

I am so lucky to have such kind and generous friends.

Thank you all for making my day, month, year. You are all so wonderful.