Yarn Swap

Tonight my Wednesday night Knitorious knit group met for a pot luck and yarn swap. It was my first yarn swap, so I wasn’t really sure what the rules were. No one did, really.

The food was fantastic: seven layer dip, Oreos, hummus, cheesecake, quiche, yum. I’m so full.

Then, the yarn. I got rid of all of my yarn (sorry, Mom), and got all new yarn. I got better yarn. (We weren’t able to keep our own yarn.)



Do you see what I see? Something for Richie; something for Sara; something for Kelly; Catherine; Emilie; Chelsea; Marisa, and I don’t know what all else. I’m not even entirely sure what I’m going to make out of all of it.

But the best thing? The best thing I got was this:


A drop spindle from Rachel. And? Fiber from Ann:



I can finally learn to spin!

I am so lucky to have such kind and generous friends.

Thank you all for making my day, month, year. You are all so wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Swap

  1. tempesttea says:

    The swap was fun, I am sure you will make lots of awesome stuff.

  2. explodyfull says:

    Yarn swap sounds like a lot of fun! I just learned to crochet about 6 week ago and I already have a small yarn stash!

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