Christmas at Home

Last week:

Richie: Since I’m going out of town for Christmas, me you and Lauren are having Christmas on the 22nd.

Me: Okay.

Richie: You have to spend the whole day with us, and you have to be nice.

Me: Fuck.

Here’s our tree:


And the stockings:


We don’t really go all out with the decorating (budget), so we just scatter small things around.

If you’re decorating on a budget, here are a couple of ideas.

We tape all of our Christmas cards to the front door.


And I scored a holiday bowl a few years ago


We take ornaments without hooks (I’m sure you have a few) and group them in the bowl.


It’s cheap, and puts those hook-less ornaments to work. We have two Santa bowls of ornaments- one in the living room, and one in the kitchen.

Richie’s daughter is heavy into Korea at the moment, so she got a Korean tourist book, and a couple pairs of beautiful ceramic chopsticks. (I keep telling her to learn Chinese so that we can be prepared when they get here. Never listens.)

I got a beautiful tea tin of Earl Grey tea.



I love Earl Grey tea. It’s my favorite tea. I actually just found out today that it’s an actual person. Every time we go to Jay’s International Food, I get caught up in the tea aisle, admiring all the tea tins (there are some really beautiful ones).

Richie also bought me my own tea pot.


It’s cast iron bamboo. He put it in a headphones box, and I actually thought I was getting headphones, because I am too dumb to live.

Richie: Put them on, I want to take a photo.

Me: Damn these are heavy- oh, it’s a tea pot!

(much better)

Next came the board games: Mental Floss; Candy Land; Yahtzee.

And the food! Cocoa with candy canes; holiday Oreos; cherry sours; chicken dinner with gravy, corn on the cob, green beans, and croissants. So full.

Next came tv: Christmas episodes of Futurama and King of the Hill. Kung Fu Panda: Holiday, the Office, and Bob’s Burgers round out the watching.

Richie’s super perfect Christmas has turned out to be super perfect. Yay. And now he’s making a snack tray. Great- more food.


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