Sons of Heaven: The Haunted by Thomas Harwick

This book was a Christmas present from Margaret, one of my knitting friends. (Hey Margaret!) This book was written by her nephew for NaNoWriMo. For those not familiar with that, the goal is to write a 50,00 word novel in November. This man wrote a novel in 30 days. No, I’m not jealous. (yes I am)

Sons of Heaven


I read this book on December 21st- what better book for the end of the world than a dystopian novel about zombies? I ask you. I had a hard time kind of figuring out how the zombie virus was spread, exactly. See, these zombies aren’t like your run-of-the-mill movie zombies. You don’t turn from a bite. Everyone is infected already, and some just turn faster than others. These zombies are stronger, faster, and self-healing. We meet Isaac after a traumatic event, and follow him as he makes his way in this new world in search of answers. You can find the author here. And here.

I really liked this book a lot, and I feel honored that Margaret would choose me as an early reader of this novel. I’m definitely going to hang onto it for when he becomes famous.

“I know his Aunt Margaret. She gave me one of the first copies of his first novel.”

“Sure, Grandma. Whatever you say.”

“I’m saying the truth, ya little shit.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have gradnkids.


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