New Year: 2013

I bought a copy of the SIMS 3: Seasons over the weekend, so I’ve been neglecting much of my online life.

The Sims 3 Seasons

I regret nothing.

So, happy New Year, and all that jazz. No resolutions for me.


What about you?

Last night we spent New Year’s Eve at CJ Muggs. Westward Sons had a gig, of course. Two of Richie’s guitar students (Tom and Lynne) were there and kept me company. And bought me birthday cake! Snickers ice cream cake. YUM. Before midnight, the wait staff passed out free glasses of champagne. I’m not much for it, so I took a swig at midnight, then passed it on to Caleb.

I think my first day of the year was pretty good. Richie and I slept in. I drove him to work and went to Teacup’s to return her clean laundry and have a quick lunch with her. I took her some hog jowl, which she was very excited about. After picking up Richie, we ran to Schnucks to pick up the last can of black eyed peas. We made it home in time for Omelet New Year! Omelet Tuesday fell on today, so Richie and his Omelet Tuesday pal, Joe, made omelets and hog jowl and black eyed peas. I was full from lunch and missing my game, so I had a few pieces of jowl (tastes like bacon) and a spoonful of peas (yuck!) and holed up in the bedroom for some game time. I finished off the last of the peach Muscato and Richie and Joe finished off an entire bottle of Champagne. Didn’t save me a drop. Lushes.

After dinner, we took down the tree and decorations. 28 minutes. I think that’s a new record for us.

I’m ready for lucky 13. Are you?

2013 quote


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