I have a confession. I love Deadwood more than True Blood. And Deadwood isn’t even on anymore!


I’d say Richie and I watched all three seasons in the span of a month. I love the way they talk. I love how sex isn’t part of every story line (although it is present- hello prostitutes.) Unlike True Blood, where it happens every other scene.

My absolute favorite character is Al Swearengen. (Swidgen, if you’re Wu.)


He is the boss of the town. He runs the Gem Saloon, and knows everything that is happening. Nothing happens in town without his knowledge. Every morning, he stands on his balcony with his cup of coffee and looks about him, sees what’s going on. He has some of the best lines, and probably the biggest potty mouth. He cares for the town, even though he’ll never come out and say it. He will sugar coat it, he does not care what you think, and he will call you out if you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. He also talks to a box. He calls it Chief. Richie thinks Custer’s remains are inside. I figured it was an Indian Chief, since they had problems with the Sioux.

Then there’s Seth.

Seth Bullock (Hey Seth)

Timothy Olyphant has perfected the thousand yard stare. I’d heard of it before, but never saw it until this show. He is a perfect blend of Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday

and Johnny Ringo.

Johnny Ringo

(Do you see it?) Anyways, Seth is sheriff, and he is not having your bullshit. He doesn’t care how many hired guns you have, who you are in camp. He is not having it. And the way he fights with his wife is just so much like Richie- he’s mad, but he doesn’t get mad, he stays as calm and polite as he can.

Favorite couple?

Sol and Trixie

Sol and Trixie forever!

We even had some historical figures:

Wild Bill:

Wild Bill

Charlie Utter:


And Calamity Jane:


A falling down drunk, who has some of the best lines.

Then let’s see: There’s Doc; Jewell; Alma; Dan; Joanie; and Johnny, who reminds me of my cousin’s husband:

Johnny Burns

And I mean that in a good way. I think that’s why I like him so much. One of Al’s henchman with a heart of gold who teaches a whore to read. Aw.

I love Deadwood. It’s dirty and gritty- not all painted up models and actors. They look like real people. Actually, most of them were. The characters, the story lines, the dialogue. The hats.




2 thoughts on “Deadwood

  1. Tony says:

    At one point Swearingen offered a bounty on any Indian head brought to him. Someone in the camp did, and that’s what is in the box.

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