The Art of Butt-Dialing


A couple of weeks ago, Richie and I went to Seamus McDaniel’s in Dogtown. (YUM)

What we found out a couple of days later, was that Richie accidentally butt-dialed Big Mike.

Big Mike listened to us for three hours.

I usually hang out for thirty seconds. If I can’t get your attention, I hang up. If you really meant to call me, you’ll call back.

So, Mike heard our conversation in the bar; driving around Dogtown looking at some houses for sale; our goofy couple-speak in the car.

Apparently Mike was waiting to see if we were going to… ah…. get down. He said he was rooting for Richie.

I can never face Big Mike again.


(Bruce Springsteen butt pastel created by Linda Bryant)


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