My Fish is a Jerk

Today we bought two more fish: a black moor goldfish named Othello, and a weird see-through looker named Steve.


However, Molly bullied Othello. I mean, chasing him, bumping him, nipping at his fins. She wouldn’t give him a break. I told her this wasn’t how she was raised but she wasn’t having it. I didn’t want the poor fellow to be stressed to death so we took him back.

We got two new fish: a ghost shrimp named Casper:

IMG_0916(see why he’s called a ghost shrimp?)

And an albino cory catfish named Cory:


Once he got warmed up, he was fine.

Here’s the see through fish named Steve:


So far, none of the fish are messing with each other. Of course, I told Molly if she pulled that shit again I’d flush her.

I guess Molly didn’t like Othello because they were both black and that threatened her.¬† ?

Oh my god. I have racist fish.


New Fish

For those of you not on Twitter, Phineas died. Last Sunday. I was devastated.

sad fish(sad fish is sad)

We’re not really sure how he died. New tank syndrome; he was an intermediate fish when we should have had a beginner; who knows.

But, we have two new fish. We got them on Thursday, and they are still hanging in there.


On the right is a black molly named Molly. On the left is a red wag platy named Dave.

Molly is pretty skittish, though I think she’s calming down a bit.

When I’m going to bed, I turn out the aquarium lights and say, “Good night fishies. Don’t die.”



Yes, Spring is coming soon. It’s here! Today is the first day of Spring!

Happy Spring!

I know it’s hard to tell now- what with it being only 32 degrees, and snow maybe on the way later this week.

female Red-bellied Woodpecker with Cardinals

But, Spring is here, and we are getting that much closer to the warmer weather.


In the meantime, here is a photo of chipmunks courting.


Happy Spring!


I’ve got a new tattoo.


His name is Edward.

No, not after Edward Cullen. There are other Edwards in literature, you know! Ferrars, Rochester.


The image was designed by a girl I worked with at Hallmark named Melinda.

I got him done on March 4th at Cheap Trx. I had to go by myself¬† because I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me. Greg tatted me, and he was really cool. Richie and I had gone in a couple weeks before and looked through all of the portfolios. I picked Greg because he had done small cute stuff before, and his work looked really clean. He told me he actually likes doing small cute work, but he doesn’t get to very often because everyone wants big creepy stuff. So he was very excited to do this image.

Greg: “You’re here by yourself? Aren’t you incredibly intimidated?”

Me: “Yes I am. Helpful.”

But Greg was really cool and talked me through the whole thing. He seemed to always know the right moment to take a break so that I could breathe. Including paperwork, the ordeal lasted less than an hour. It wasn’t until the following Friday that I could wash the little guy without crying.

I haven’t had any problems with itching, only aching. Michelle said it was probably because of my bra strap rubbing up against it.


So, the scabbing is all done, he’s all moisturized, and here is his close up.

Gone Fishin’

I got a fishy, I got a fishy!


It’s an albino rainbow shark. I’ve named him Phineas. Isn’t he the cutest? I shall call him Phineas, and he shall be mine, my Phineas.


We’ll get other fish later. The aquarium has been a slow build up. I wonder how big he’ll get? The lady at Pet Connection said he’ll get as big as his environment. We have a 55 gallon tank. This oughta be good.

Rescue Shark




Excuse Me, Sir

Whiskey Barrel

Richie’s mom bought him this barrel for Christmas.


Don’t ask me where, specifically, because I have no idea.


The barrel came with the two glasses. (Yes, JD glasses. Duh.) Richie bought the bottle tonight. The Jack Daniel’s bandana belonged to Richie’s friend Sean Crow, who was killed just a couple of weeks ago. Sean left the bandana at Richie’s mom’s house the last time he was over there; Marci gave it to Richie when he went home for Sean’s funeral.