6 Years

Yesterday, Richie and I celebrated our six year anniversary. Now, I know to some people (Doug and Emilie, Sara and Nick) who have been together forever, six years may not seem like a long time. But it’s the longest relationship for both of us.


The day started off pretty much like any other. I’m on vacation this week, so after I dropped Richie off at work, I came home and didn’t really do anything. Then I got a tattoo at 3:00 (another post) and I went to pick up Richie from work.

We went to Square One Brewery for dinner. It was build your own Macaroni night. Richie had the Creole Mac with jalapenos, and I opted for the beer battered chicken strips.

Square One Brewery

Richie loved his mac (I hated it) and my strips were good. Except for the skin. I had to pull the meat out of the skin to eat it. It was still pretty yummy. We ordered a Starry Night Absinthe, but they were out. However, our waitress Brandi W (ask for her when you go in) poured out what was left into a snifter- about less than half a shot. I shot it, then gulped down my tea. Later, Brandi came back with some absinthe that they had been able to dig out. We got it on the house for our anniversary. This place is awesome.(of course, we’re well-treated every time we go in, anniversary or no) It came with two sugar cubes. Richie and I split it. So strong! I’d take a swallow then have to gulp down a different drink.

For dessert we walked down to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar and met our neighbor Aaron. Man, I just love this place. The ambiance is just so perfect.

Bailey's Chocolate Bar

Richie and Aaron ordered chocolate martinis. After the absinthe, I was going to take it easy. I did have a sip of Richie’s, and it was pretty good. Aaron ordered a creme brulee; Richie ordered a Bailey’s chocolate Bar; and I had two scoops of ice cream- chocolate and vanilla. Seem tame? Well, trust me- if I had had anything exotic on top of the absinthe, I would have gotten sick. My stomach still gave me attitude at 2:30 this morning.

After that, we went back to our place, and hung out with Aaron and his dogs and watched Archer. I’m bummed the absinthe didn’t make my brain sparkle. Richie said it made me a little manic, but what does he know? (a lot.)



I still can’t believe it’s been six years. Sometimes it seems like more. Other times, less. Six years of college graduations; fighting (although he swears he doesn’t fight); compromise; three car accidents; one broken arm; one damaged neck; one cancer scare; kidney stones; new jobs; countless DIY projects; four bands; six albums; one daughter hitting puberty; stress; anxiety; depression; two snakes; jealousy; anger; hurt; uncontrollable laughter; dancing for no reason; randomly breaking out into song; knit nights; gigs; couples speak; parties; movies; picnics; cuddles; incredible joy.



Our journey to this point has been long and strange. But damn, I wouldn’t trade any of it.


2 thoughts on “6 Years

  1. tempesttea says:

    Congratulations you two, many more. Also 6 years is a long time to work on anything so give yourself credit for something so well done.

  2. Em says:


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