I’ve got a new tattoo.


His name is Edward.

No, not after Edward Cullen. There are other Edwards in literature, you know! Ferrars, Rochester.


The image was designed by a girl I worked with at Hallmark named Melinda.

I got him done on March 4th at Cheap Trx. I had to go by myself  because I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me. Greg tatted me, and he was really cool. Richie and I had gone in a couple weeks before and looked through all of the portfolios. I picked Greg because he had done small cute stuff before, and his work looked really clean. He told me he actually likes doing small cute work, but he doesn’t get to very often because everyone wants big creepy stuff. So he was very excited to do this image.

Greg: “You’re here by yourself? Aren’t you incredibly intimidated?”

Me: “Yes I am. Helpful.”

But Greg was really cool and talked me through the whole thing. He seemed to always know the right moment to take a break so that I could breathe. Including paperwork, the ordeal lasted less than an hour. It wasn’t until the following Friday that I could wash the little guy without crying.

I haven’t had any problems with itching, only aching. Michelle said it was probably because of my bra strap rubbing up against it.


So, the scabbing is all done, he’s all moisturized, and here is his close up.


6 thoughts on “Tattoo

  1. Chris says:

    You should have reached out to me, I’d have gone with you. I’m a good tattoo-partner.

  2. Sheree Pecoraro says:

    Monica, this is too cute!

    Aunt Sheree..:)

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