New Fish

For those of you not on Twitter, Phineas died. Last Sunday. I was devastated.

sad fish(sad fish is sad)

We’re not really sure how he died. New tank syndrome; he was an intermediate fish when we should have had a beginner; who knows.

But, we have two new fish. We got them on Thursday, and they are still hanging in there.


On the right is a black molly named Molly. On the left is a red wag platy named Dave.

Molly is pretty skittish, though I think she’s calming down a bit.

When I’m going to bed, I turn out the aquarium lights and say, “Good night fishies. Don’t die.”


2 thoughts on “New Fish

  1. Chris says:

    Yay, fish!
    I like house-fish, but don’t have the focus to take care of them…

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