My Fish is a Jerk

Today we bought two more fish: a black moor goldfish named Othello, and a weird see-through looker named Steve.


However, Molly bullied Othello. I mean, chasing him, bumping him, nipping at his fins. She wouldn’t give him a break. I told her this wasn’t how she was raised but she wasn’t having it. I didn’t want the poor fellow to be stressed to death so we took him back.

We got two new fish: a ghost shrimp named Casper:

IMG_0916(see why he’s called a ghost shrimp?)

And an albino cory catfish named Cory:


Once he got warmed up, he was fine.

Here’s the see through fish named Steve:


So far, none of the fish are messing with each other. Of course, I told Molly if she pulled that shit again I’d flush her.

I guess Molly didn’t like Othello because they were both black and that threatened her.  ?

Oh my god. I have racist fish.


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