Alphabet Soup

Let’s play a game.


For one month, I will write a post each day starting with a different letter of the alphabet.*

I saw this either on Twitter or someone else’s blog. In fact, I challenge Emilie, Kate, Rachel, Jamie, and Kara to the same.

*Today is not the first day. We’ll start officially tomorrow. I’m still working on my list.


Five for Friday

I got this idea from Little Angry Girl. I’m too lazy to do an actual post, so I’m just going to do this real quick so I can play my Sims game.

1) My favorite book of all time ever is A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott.


I can’t believe Hollywood hasn’t found it yet- but I am relieved.

2) I love the way Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory dresses. (on the left)


She’s so cute in her little sweater sets! I’d wear all of her clothes.

3) And to Think that I saw it on Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss is the very first book I read all by myself.


I was four.

4) Bob Dylan is the best concert I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Dolly Parton and Aerosmith.




5) I’m not much for kids, but damn, my friend Mindy’s daughter Sarah sends my ovaries into overdrive.


Sorry I can’t make the photo bigger. Thanks for letting me post a photo, Mindy!

Retro Fashion Shopping

On Saturday, Richie and I went browsing through some retro shops.

First, we headed to Cherokee Street. We stopped by Retro 101, which is huge. I found a lot of nice items, but they were all a bit out of my price range.


Next door was the Saint Louis Curio Shoppe. That store is bitchin’. All kinds of local work, plus some weird, out there shit. They even have cd release parties in the back. They share a yard with Retro 101.


A few blocks down we came upon Ruth’s Vintage Clothing. Of course we went in- my grandmother’s name is Ruth. The store is run by a little old lady named Ruth. Who knew? She’s not my grandmother, though. In my personal opinion, her selection is better than Retro 101. That’s just me, though.

ruth's vintage clothing

Alright, now it’s time to mosey over to Morganford, and Vintage Haberdashery!

vingtage haberdashery

They have clothes for sale, and costume rentals. Their clothes are incredibly beautiful, and incredibly out of my price range. One day, though.

But the best place? The best place is a new store across the street from Three Monkeys: Your Dress or Mine:

your dress or mine

I must thank Deborah for telling me about this place. This is my shop. The clothes are all in my style, and my price range. Case in point:



Richie bought me this dress for ten dollars. TEN.


The leggings, flats, and hat are all mine. (I had to add the leggings because the dress is too dang short) The dress fits nicely, but it’s a chore getting in and out of it. But who cares! I look adorable!

I will definitely be going back. I can’t wait.


I’ve been going over and over in my mind what to say about what happened on Monday.


Sometimes I feel like, when I have my thoughts together about one tragedy, another one happens.

And, I know that most people try to see the good in life, in humanity.

Mr. Rogers

More Good

But I just don’t know anymore. I feel… I dunno, just lost and confused I guess. I’m wondering what is going through these people’s minds that make them so angry that they just have to take it out on a bunch of people they’ve never met, who have nothing to do with their issues.

Richie thinks I’m in a spiritual crisis. Maybe he’s right. Maybe we all are. Not necessarily religion, but a hole in the soul, as it were. (Thank you Aerosmith.)

Anyways, Boston, you are in our hearts. We stand with you. We are Boston.


Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Tonight, I made some double chocolate zucchini bread that I found at A Thought For Food.

(and yes, Catherine, I remember that time when we were kids and you and your neighbor Tanya followed me around your mom’s house trying to get me to try your grandmother’s zucchini bread, and I finally did and loved it.)

Richie wasn’t too sure about this recipe- he isn’t much for sweets. But I was determined.

The owner of the blog (or at least who runs the Twitter account) was very kind and answered all of my questions:

2-3 large zucchinis gives you four cups, 3-4 small.

You don’t to bake two loaves at a time- one at a time works also.

I only got three cups from my three zucchinis, so we one-thirded the recipe.

The bread isn’t really bread- the author even states that it’s more cake shaped into bread.


I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate. The recipe yielded two loaves, one of which I’ll be taking to work tomorrow.

I was nervous to try this. It’s definitely one of the more exotic dishes I’ve tried. I’ve had zucchini bread, but not chocolate zucchini bread.


I had a lot of fun grating the zucchini- probably a lot more than is normal. If you need something grated, I’m your gal!

I did like this a lot, and I think Richie was pleasantly surprised. I’ll have to add this to my rotation.


Last night, I came home to this:


Richie had a difficult day, so I got a candlelight dinner.

I’ll take it.

He moved the coffee table into the bonus room. It was nice having dinner while not sitting in front of the TV. We got wonderful face to face time while Frank Sinatra serenaded us.

Re-Potted Plants

Richie and I decided to help usher in the warm weather by buying bigger pots for plants we’ve picked up at the Farmer’s Market.


That’s jade on the left; lavender in the middle; and aloe on the right. I’m hoping the bigger pot helps bring my lavender back from the brink. The aloe is so huge it probably already needs to a bigger plant. The jade is thriving.

We took the leftover pots and re-potted some pansies that were in a little six-part container. The new pots aren’t much bigger, but the front window looks better, and some of the pansies are standing up a little straighter.


The purple shamrocks Mindy gave me are still hanging in there. So are the hens and chicks she and another woman gave me. And it’s probably about time to upgrade my bamboo to a bigger pot.

I wish we had more sunny areas in our apartment. The front sill is the only place where the sun hits directly, and it’s pretty full now.

How is your Spring garden?