Re-Potted Plants

Richie and I decided to help usher in the warm weather by buying bigger pots for plants we’ve picked up at the Farmer’s Market.


That’s jade on the left; lavender in the middle; and aloe on the right. I’m hoping the bigger pot helps bring my lavender back from the brink. The aloe is so huge it probably already needs to a bigger plant. The jade is thriving.

We took the leftover pots and re-potted some pansies that were in a little six-part container. The new pots aren’t much bigger, but the front window looks better, and some of the pansies are standing up a little straighter.


The purple shamrocks Mindy gave me are still hanging in there. So are the hens and chicks she and another woman gave me. And it’s probably about time to upgrade my bamboo to a bigger pot.

I wish we had more sunny areas in our apartment. The front sill is the only place where the sun hits directly, and it’s pretty full now.

How is your Spring garden?


One thought on “Re-Potted Plants

  1. Jerimi says:

    What beautiful plants! My spring garden will be going in tomorrow, or at least part of it will. 🙂 I have a packet of pea seeds, and a tomato cage, and I’m not afraid to use them.

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