Retro Fashion Shopping

On Saturday, Richie and I went browsing through some retro shops.

First, we headed to Cherokee Street. We stopped by Retro 101, which is huge. I found a lot of nice items, but they were all a bit out of my price range.


Next door was the Saint Louis Curio Shoppe. That store is bitchin’. All kinds of local work, plus some weird, out there shit. They even have cd release parties in the back. They share a yard with Retro 101.


A few blocks down we came upon Ruth’s Vintage Clothing. Of course we went in- my grandmother’s name is Ruth. The store is run by a little old lady named Ruth. Who knew? She’s not my grandmother, though. In my personal opinion, her selection is better than Retro 101. That’s just me, though.

ruth's vintage clothing

Alright, now it’s time to mosey over to Morganford, and Vintage Haberdashery!

vingtage haberdashery

They have clothes for sale, and costume rentals. Their clothes are incredibly beautiful, and incredibly out of my price range. One day, though.

But the best place? The best place is a new store across the street from Three Monkeys: Your Dress or Mine:

your dress or mine

I must thank Deborah for telling me about this place. This is my shop. The clothes are all in my style, and my price range. Case in point:



Richie bought me this dress for ten dollars. TEN.


The leggings, flats, and hat are all mine. (I had to add the leggings because the dress is too dang short) The dress fits nicely, but it’s a chore getting in and out of it. But who cares! I look adorable!

I will definitely be going back. I can’t wait.


6 thoughts on “Retro Fashion Shopping

  1. tempesttea says:

    Yes you look adorable. Note 3 shops on meramec & Virginia. They range in prices, but one has sale basement.

  2. Rhonda says:

    You.Look.AWESOME!!! Love the dress. Everybody should have a LBD. Personally, I think You can wear it without leggings. But this is your dress and your comfort level. Ritchie is a peach. Not many guys want to go shopping and wait for you try on stuff, what a guy.

    Funny, most of the people @ K seem to do a lot of vintage dressing whereas, the people @ my Tuesday night group, can’t imagine them doing it. But you Wednesday night folks always look so chic. A good reason to lose weight.

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