Easter Recap

Did you have a happy Easter?

donnie darko rabbit

I did. We hauled out to Aunt Sheree’s for the afternoon.

My cousin Andrew was in from San Francisco.

My cousin Catherine (previously mentioned expectant cousin) was there, looking radiant as ever. I gave her a baby hat (future post) which was a big hit with everyone.

The weather was absolutely glorious. Andrew was kind enough to bring it with him. (and rude enough to take it back yesterday)

The food was fabulous: creamed corn for Andrew; roast beef; ham; lamb; cute Pinterest rolls; potatoes; and on and on.

Aunt Sheree has recently (not sure how recent, actually) taken up cake decorating. She made a yellow cake with lemon filling, decorated with buttercream roses. It was divine. Then she made little Easter cookies, decorated with royal icing. I’ve never used royal icing (only Wilton’s buttercream) so there was a long discussion and sharing of websites. She’s actually inspired me to work with it myself. (Future post) Hopefully I’ll become as good as her. I also need to get back into my buttercream decorating. She’s like Martha Stewart, but prettier. Thanks Aunt Sheree!

Richie and I got home around…. I don’t know what time, but I do know we fell asleep on the couch. We brought some food home with  us, and finished it last night.


How was your holiday?