Z is for Zoo

No, not the creepy documentary about people who love horses a little too much.

Actual zoos. As in the St. Louis Zoo.

I don’t think I’ve visited another zoo. Then again, I don’t travel outside St. Louis very much.

I’m excited about some of the new exhibits the St. Louis Zoo has planned. I love the prairie dogs- especially when they are so wiped out that they just can’t do anything.

I haven’t been to the zoo yet this year, so here are a few photos from last year:





(elephant butt never gets old. especially when you’re perpetually five years old.)


Y is for Yarn Harlot

The Yarn Harlot is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and knitter and blogger and writer and doula based in Toronto Canada.

I’ve blogged about a couple of her books before. She is a super knitter! and designer, but she’s funny and humble and makes mistakes, which makes you feel better about making mistakes. At least, she does for me. And this is my blog, so that’s what counts.

I have read four of her books, and own two. My goal is to accumulate all of her books.

I haven’t met her or seen her speak, but Kate has. Kate even got a mention on the Yarn Harlot blog. Knitting ninjas of the world unite!

I’m off to knit now!

X is for Xylophone

When I was in elementary school, we would sometimes get to play on instruments in music class. But it was small ones- tambourines, a wooden block with a mallet.

But not the xylophone. Those were for the fourth and fifth graders.


All the kids wanted to play the xylophone. It probably has something to do with the childish desire to bang on something- moving up from pots and pans.


W is for Wilton

Wilton is a cake decorating supply company. Their motto is “We Make it Easy- You Make it Amazing!”

They offer cake/cookie/decorating techniques and bakeware supplies.

They even offer decorating classes in your area (around me it’s at Joann’s). I took the level 1 course last year. Richie was a doll and paid for my admission and a bunch of my supplies. What I already knew about cake decorating came from YouTube and library books. This class just kind of filled in the blanks. I do feel like we could have just bought one of the level kits and supplies and taught ourselves. I wouldn’t mind taking the fondant class, though.

I do have a bunch of Wilton supplies that I love that do make baking a little easier. They are always putting out new crap (sorry, products) that I need. (want) My kitchen just isn’t big enough. I should work on that.

No, I’m not getting paid to write this post. I doubt Wilton will ever see it. I just genuinely love their products.

V is for Violin

I love the violin.


I think it may actually be my favorite instrument. I don’t play, but I often wish I did.

Some incredible music has come from the violin- Greensleeves, Danse Macabre. Such a soft, melancholy sound, and a deeply evil sound all at once. I love it.

T is for Throw Pillows

I sew throw pillows by hand. I started when I was in my late teens. I stopped for years- I’m not actually sure why.

Then one day some months ago, Rachel was de-stashing, and invited me to some of her stuff. I took tons of fabric.

I made these two pillows.

IMG_0938 (front)

IMG_0939 (back)

IMG_0940 (front)

IMG_0941 (back)

They were a big hit, and were the only ones we had for a while. Then Tim gave us this incredibly beautiful chaise (my throne):


And I realized that it needs pillows.

I matched up some of the fabric, and here is an idea of some future pillows:

IMG_0942 (fronts paired with their backs)

Then, there’s these two pieces of fabric. I thought about pairing them together, but now I’m thinking they should each be their own pillow.