F is for Flats

I came to a conclusion this past February. It was 3:00 on a Friday afternoon.

I can no longer wear high heels.

I massaged my shins, which I didn’t think could ache if you didn’t play sports. And I decided that with my tax refund that I would buy myself a new pair of flat boots.


I bought these at Famous Footwear for $65, which is the most I’ve ever spent on shoes. But you know what? Worth it. So incredibly worth it. My legs and and ankles don’t ache anymore. I’m no longer begging Richie for foot massages.

When it got warmer, I bought these at Old Navy for $20:


I still need a pair of tan flats to go with my lighter colored clothing.

I pretty much decided, “Fuck it. I’m 30- comfort over style from here on out.”

I donated all of my heels, minus one pair that Richie bought for me. I haven’t worn them- they just sit in my closet, keeping my purses company. Along with these two pairs, I have a pair of tennis shoes Mom gave me. And that’s it.

That’s all I need.


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