O is for Organization

Our apartment has usually been right where I wanted it. Except for the right corner in the bedroom. That seemed to be the “throw everything in a pile right here” corner.

We were going to work on it- we had a week blocked for Spring Cleaning and everything.

Didn’t get done. (no comments, Mom)

home organization tip

Then one day I just got so fed up with looking at it that I went to work.

I moved everything down into storage that I felt needed to go (thank you Richie for helping with the heavy lifting); I donated bags of stuff to Goodwill (which always feels good); and I got it rearranged to just where I like it.

We still have some work in the office, but that will have to wait until we can get some free time. This week, hopefully.

Now, if I can just get Richie to put his clothes into the hamper instead of on the floor next to the hamper, we’re golden.



One thought on “O is for Organization

  1. Em says:

    Next time donate to the Salvation Army. Research. We have that pile like every 20feet in this palace. Sheesh. So high five on the progress! :)I hear you “hamper” feel lucky you have one dirctionally deficient instead of three!!! LOL

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