T is for Throw Pillows

I sew throw pillows by hand. I started when I was in my late teens. I stopped for years- I’m not actually sure why.

Then one day some months ago, Rachel was de-stashing, and invited me to some of her stuff. I took tons of fabric.

I made these two pillows.

IMG_0938 (front)

IMG_0939 (back)

IMG_0940 (front)

IMG_0941 (back)

They were a big hit, and were the only ones we had for a while. Then Tim gave us this incredibly beautiful chaise (my throne):


And I realized that it needs pillows.

I matched up some of the fabric, and here is an idea of some future pillows:

IMG_0942 (fronts paired with their backs)

Then, there’s these two pieces of fabric. I thought about pairing them together, but now I’m thinking they should each be their own pillow.



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