X is for Xylophone

When I was in elementary school, we would sometimes get to play on instruments in music class. But it was small ones- tambourines, a wooden block with a mallet.

But not the xylophone. Those were for the fourth and fifth graders.


All the kids wanted to play the xylophone. It probably has something to do with the childish desire to bang on something- moving up from pots and pans.



4 thoughts on “X is for Xylophone

  1. Rachel says:

    I played the xylophone. I also played piano, drums, chimes, timpani, vibraphone, marimba, bells, organ, and assorted percussion instruments. I would have traded any of those for a trombone.

  2. X is for Excuse me, but isn’t that instrument in the picture Axeually a Vibraphone? Just trying to be clear, so as not to confuse any wunderkind musical prodigies that see the pedal and think the xylophone has an engine or something attached to it.

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