I’m going rockabilly!


Well, I’m going to try. Here’s how this whole thing came about. (It’s kind of a winding story- try to keep up.)

Last week, Richie and I watched a documentary called Mansome. In this documentary, they talked to a rockabilly male salon owner. (Male owner of a salon for men) I won’t go into detail about him because he was kind of a dick. But suddenly I blurted out,

“Can I rock the rockabilly look?”

Richie: “Of course you can.”

Of course he would say that. He’s my boyfriend. He has to say that.

So I jumped over to Twitter (like you do) to get a general opinion.

I received two responses- a yes from Rachel, and a yes from Michelle, who’s the only rockabilly person I know.

She agreed to meet me at Shameless Grounds, the coffee shop where she works.

She made me a sandwich and taught me about rockabilly. And, of course, I took notes.

I’m going to publish them here for those of you who want to be rockabilly but don’t have an awesome friend to make you a sandwich and teach you how. Make yourself a sandwich; I’ll teach you how.


Victory Rolls:

victory rolls

Not really for everyday wear, as it can damage your hair. It’s more of a going-out deal.

Pompadour bangs:


Bandana hair:

bandana hair

Bettie Page:

bettie page

Flowers are always a nice touch.

Whichever style you choose, remember: practice makes perfect.


Winged eyeliner:

winged eyeliner

Red Lips:


Red Nails:



A little conservative- not too much above the knee.


Pencil Skirt:

pencil skirt

Swing Dress:

swing dress

Wiggle Dress:

wiggle dress

Sweater Set:



rockabilly blouse

Capri Pants:



Flats are good for pants and skirts. Heels are better for the dresses. That’s where I hit a snag since I gave up heels this year. But, when I had lunch with Catherine a few weeks before Easter, she mentioned that my flat boots were about an inch high. So maybe I could get away with kitten heels?

Kitten Heel


Here are some clothing websites to check out:

Pin Up Girl Clothing (obviously)

Unique Vintage

Mod Cloth (I love their one piece swimsuits)

Daddy O’s

Dollhouse Bettie (for all your lingerie needs)

Also check out local vintage shops in your area.

Basically, just google rockabilly and search the sites and you’ll see that most outfits start to have similar pieces and a kind of similar theme as you look through them.

I’ll admit I’ve tried several looks throughout the years to see what fits me. I think what I like about rockabilly is that it’s feminine while still managing to be punk. (See visible tattoos) Try it out, see what you like. Good luck!

And remember:

Practice makes perfect.

Remind me of this when I’m crying because my stupid baby fine hair won’t do what it’s supposed to.


Go forth, my children, and rock a Billy! (that’s where the name comes from, right?)


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