General Update

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been kind of off and on with the blogging. I just wrote so much in May that I figured we could all use a break. I have two big blog months coming up- I’m going to try to post something Halloween related every day in October. And of course there’s NaBloWriMo.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Royal Baby, and my cousin’s baby as well. (What? They’re both named Catherine and have long brown hair. They’re practically interchangable!)

I’m knitting two projects at once, both for Richie. I’m knitting him a pair of fingerless mitts (my first ever). I knit until I come to a difficult spot, then work on the argyle scarf until I can get some help at Knit Night.

I gave up reading Romola by George Eliot. I usually give any book written before 1920 about 100 pages to catch my attention. (It can take longer with older books) It took me four days to read 112 pages. Done.

In a bit of baking revenge, I baked up an apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. So there, sugar cookies!

And… that’s it, I guess.


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