Crochet! pt. 2

While I’m waiting for Catherine to have her baby, I thought I would post the follow up to this post. I was going to wait until Catherine had the baby, but then I didn’t want to make that post about me. However, if she’s had her baby and I didn’t know it, I apologize for any inadvertent stealing of thunder.

The blanket was a gift for Catherine, that I gave to her at her shower.


She loved it (and laughed at the card I gave her) Aunt Sheree loved it. Aunt Debra was impressed, and I didn’t think I could impress her.

Here’s what it looked like before seaming:


And here’s a close-up:


It’s hard to tell, but I did knit a different design for each square.


Thank yous:

Jamie and Natalie for allowing me to bribe them with dinner to teach me how to block




Suzanne for teaching me to crochet

Everyone else I may be forgetting


I also gave her a pair of booties, and five little dishcloths/dust rags/spit-up rags.

She was pleased and impressed. I’ve made a family heirloom.

I was relieved.

I’m never quite sure how someone will react to my knitting. Last year, I knit this huge red and gold blanket for a co-worker who is a huge Harry Potter fan.

I’ve never seen the blanket in any photos of that kid.

Now, whatever your thoughts on that may be, if someone goes through that much effort, even if you hate the blanket, take at least one damn photo for the knitter.

Then I wondered if maybe she didn’t know how much time that took.

Even the smallest knitted items take at least two hours. (unless you’re Kate).  The larger ones can take well over 60 hours.

Sometimes even a hundred hours.

Out of someone’s life.

That they could have been using to do something else.

But instead, your knitter is knitting for you- something to keep you warm, something you will cherish. That’s love. That takes a lot of time and effort and money. It’s not like just walking into Target and picking something off the shelf. A lot of time is put into what color you’ll like (although, if we’re being honest, my friends and family are color-coded) and what pattern should be used. Your knitter is thinking constantly about you while they knit, especially when answering, “Who are you knitting for?” and sharing some great stories. And whenever you put on that scarf/those socks/wrap up in that blanket, you are wrapping yourself in that person’s love.


Of course it is. But it’s true. Ask any knitter- they don’t spend all that effort for just anybody.  Even if they don’t always say it- that knitted (or crocheted) object is proof. Time spent on you when they could have been doing something else.

I’m so glad my family realizes and appreciates this.

The co-worker mentioned above? She won’t be getting any more knits from me.

Kate wrote a similar post a couple of years ago. She’s much more amusing and eloquent. It’s a great read.

Now, I’m going to sit back and wait for Catherine’s new baby.

Push ’em out, shove ’em out, waaaay out! *clap*

Push ’em out, shove ’em out, waaaay out! *clap*


12 thoughts on “Crochet! pt. 2

  1. Sheree says:

    You’re very talented Monica! And no baby yet!!

    • And of course I forgot to mention how incredibly beautiful the shower was; and the incredible food; and how you’re like Martha Stewart but younger and without the criminal record (as far as I know); and just how perfect and elegant everything was.

  2. Em says:

    I am so jealous of your supreme talents! That said where’s my knitted goodies to cherish and tote about town!?!?
    Alexander Tracy Kenny was born this morning. 8lbs even. 🙂 Mom and baby are doing great… so I hear. XO

  3. Patti B says:

    I love how the colors ended up on the blanket squares. Planned pooling or happy accident?

  4. ras1217 says:

    Let me know what the patterns are. they look great and I also like the way the colors flowed. Boy, you made a lot of stuff for the wee one and mom. Boy, you really went all out. You did good.

    • Actually, they were just sample patterns from the back of a how-to knit book from the library. I can loan them to you. The yarn came from Rachel. And my cousin is pretty cool. She sent me a photo in the hat I knit for him, and he looks fantastic.

  5. ras1217 says:

    someone @ Wednesday Knit Night talked about whether or not people were ‘knit-worthy.’ Good word. Think, is this particular person worth the time and effort to work up a design, think of colors you might like, execute the pattern, weave in all the ends, wash, block and dry. get a nice card, wrap or put in gift bag and then deliver. To me that is the meaning of the word KNIT-WORTHY. and most people are not. You got to be special to get this kind of treatment and you only get one chance @ it. If you don’t show any appreciation, you do not get another chance from me …EVER.

    • I’m exactly the same way. I’ll knit for you once if I like you. If I don’t feel like you show me the proper appreciation (which shouldn’t be hard if someone made you something by *hand*), then you don’t get anything else.

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