Gooseberry Patch

I have a new love, and her name is Gooseberry Patch.

Richie and I went to the library this evening, because I had some books of poetry waiting for me.

While I was waiting for Richie to pick up his items, this caught my eye:

quick and easy autumn

Well you know me. Anything autumn or Halloween ensnares me, and that’s it.

So I checked it out before the librarian could (which made me feel bad), and I fell in love.

There are so many recipes that I want to try before I need to return this, I told Richie that I need him to buy this book for me.

I need this book.

Richie said he would buy it for me. Probably because I’m such a fussy eater that me willingly looking for new recipes is a good thing.

Then I made the mistake of hopping over to the website.

And I’m lost.

I need all of those books, and a calendar.

I can have a Gooseberry Patch here in the city!


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