Getting Close

As most of you know, I am really excited about Halloween getting closer.

According to The Queen of Darkness Halloween is in 75 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 37 seconds.

Over at Halloween Day I came across this:

halloween slut shaming

I have noticed that Halloween costumes are getting sexier. (Who hasn’t?)


When I was younger, especially when I first met Richie, I wore sexy costumes. I wanted to get his attention and I wanted to show off to his party pals,


Fuck that.

The goal of my Halloween costumes is warmth. And comfort, But hell, wear what you want. I only wear about those poor girls who must be freezing.


P.S. I think more men’s costumes should be more revealing. Let’s see some more man-skin!


One thought on “Getting Close

  1. tempesttea says:

    Good point. It does not give you the right to grab my ass either.

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