So Long!

Bye September

goodbye september

I didn’t write my own September poem, so here’s one I found on Pinterest.

september poem


Mineral Veil Fail

As you all know, I am a Pinterest-aholic. One day, I stumbled upon a recipe of sorts for homemade mineral veil.

Being in love with Bare Minerals makeup and not always having the money for it, I thought I’d give it a shot.


Now, the girl in the photo looks very beautiful as she holds a brush to her face.

That’s not what happened to me.

Nope, I got a case of white face.


The blogger mentions that you can tint the veil with foundation.

No you can’t.


Fuck that. Next day I went to the mall and shelled out twenty bucks for my Mineral Veil.

Autumn Bucket List

I’ve never done a seasonal bucket list before. But I keep seeing them all over Pinterest. I decided to make one since the ones I saw had stuff I didn’t like.


1) Bake an apple pie

2) Bake a pumpkin pie

3) Bake pumpkin bread

4) Watch 10 scary moviesĀ  (I’m starting right now with Alice Sweet Alice)

5) Go on a nature walk

6) Visit a pumpkin patch (any ideas?)

7) Knit a fall scarf

8) Carve a pumpkin

9) Make hot chocolate

10) Decorate for Halloween

11) Burn a fall scented candle

12) Make chili

13) Eat a caramel apple

14) Go on a picnic (which I would have done yesterday had a trip to the ER not gotten in the way)

15) Eat S’mores

Did I miss anything? Do you have a seasonal bucket list?