New Fish

We’ve been adding to our tank. Since last Sunday, we’ve added six new fishies.


That’s Sid. The boy has the dark orange tail.


That’s Nancy. Chris from Pet Connections said that when they get bigger, they’ll mate. They are Sunburst platys. (I needed color.)


Heckyl and Jeckly. Algae eaters. They stick together, and swim really fast. They’ve also gotten pretty fat since we’ve gotten them. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff in the gravel for them to eat.


Another shot.


The angelfish I bought for Lauren. She named him Chicken. Sure.


This last one is a ghost glass catfish. Named Pancake.

Fucking Chicken, and fucking Pancake.

Because why not? I’m sure those names strike fear into the hearts of the other fish.

We officially have fifteen fish:

6 neon tetras

2 algae eaters

2 sunburst platys

1 x-ray tetra

1 red wag platy

1 angelfish

1 ghost glass catfish

1 plecostomus

And one crustacean:

1 ghost shrimp


You guys should see these things live.


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